Long Body Bib Cock

Long Body Bib Cock

Product Code: ORB-CHR-105107
Range: Orbit
Bib Tap Long Body with Wall Flange
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The Orbit is the new smart range of Essco comprising straight geometrical lines with a bold look that complement the minimalist and modern looks of your bathroom design.


This is a wall-mounted extended body simple faucet with controls flow of water (normal temperature) through a quarter turn functionality.



- Controls flow of water to the faucet

- Installed on the wall

- Ergonomic in design for smooth operation and durability.


- Extruded brass made spindle and housing of cartridge for long life, durability and trouble-free performance for ever

- Chrome-plated durable Brass flange enhance the aesthetic appeal and support in proper installation with more durability

- Aerator for splash-free foam flow made up to food grade plastic. This is designed to work from + 5 degrees to + 65 degrees effectively

- All metal parts are repairable as they prepared and assembled in-house with Essco production facilities

- 100% quality test at every stage of production

- Essco offers food-grade silicon grease around all metal and rubber parts for smooth functioning.

- Availability of the spare parts even after the warranty period

-  Higher thickness of ceramic disc provides smooth movement  and  with stand for the pressure testing  up to 6 bars of air and 12 bars of water 

- ESSCO quarter turns comes with a very unique style i.e. plastic cap on the spindle, it helps in avoiding Metal to Metal contact between the spindle and the knob. Second, it develops a better grip that doesn't require any maintenance or repair in a short span of time

- It’s again a time tested product for its durability  and long-life performance

- This designed to work effectively from 5 degrees to 65 degrees without any performance failure. Thus make our product confirms to tough weather, water and handling conditions

- Chrome-plated durable and reliable brass body

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